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FPP is a specialized company for infrastructures development in health, biotechnology, foodstuff, chemical and environment sectors, management and quality promotion.

Providing necessary information, Technical advice for technology selection & Transfer is FPP base services for industries and civilian sectors.

Exchanging &sharing information and experiences between national scientists and experts and international leader in technology and science gives FPP special authorization for technical advisory in industries and applied research fields, industries, and other services sector. Contributing to offer proposal for researching in applied science.



Engineering services

 As FPP we offer various Engineering services such as designing, technology anticipation, assembling, running, and training

Prepare comprehensive Schedule for services and maintenance laboratory equipments and Processing machines are others technical services to our clients.



Research & Development

Sustain development is absolutely relies on applied research for remaining competitive in the ever –changing market, access to the latest information and patent linking to major research centers and scientist for resolving technical problems ,participation in joining research with other partner in industries and academic center is the vital FPP deduction in business.

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